What Does Success Look Like in Network Marketing

What Does Success Look Like in Network Marketing

Get Up, Show Up: What Does Success Look Like in Network Marketing?

It’s been said that a lot of people look for shortcuts and try to find a way to fast track their income in Network Marketing, but to us, building a successful career is a lot like life. Everything has a process, takes time, and has a life cycle. Imagine if people wanting to have kids immediately were given a 2-year-old. You’ve heard of the terrible two’s, right? It would be a total disaster, that’s why we’re given babies to nurture and grow with, because as the baby grows, so does the adult.

We’re always growing and evolving, and your business is the same way. It’s great that you have a big vision for your life and your business, but with that you need to have a plan, be willing to do the work and (this is a BIG one) you need to have patience in the slow moments. Just like anything else in life there will be ups and downs… ebb & flow.

At Direct Cellars, we see success as a simple process of a few key behaviors repeated over and over again:

  • Get up
  • Show up
  • Be responsible with what you are given
  • Show that you are trusting and trustworthy
  • Exceed expectations when and where possible (this will always surprise and delight!)
  • Repeat

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell illustrates several examples of famous people who obtained crazy success like Bill Gates and The Beatles and writes that it didn’t happen overnight. It’s easy to think they got some big, lucky break, but the truth is they dedicated more than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice in their journey to becoming world-class.

When it comes to starting your business with Direct Cellars, you may be an Independent Brand Partner but you’re never alone. You’re given access to a team of people that curate content, give you training and sales tools for your success, and a team that will answers questions and encourage you. However, there’s still a part to this formula that lands squarely on your shoulders.

This business is about sharing your enthusiasm for a few key things:

  • Discovering new premium wines each month
  • Building relationships
  • Enrolling new Members
  • Helping others embark on a similar journey to becoming a Brand Partner just like you

So where does one start? It sounds simple in theory but too many people get stuck. We encourage you to follow this easy 10-step system.

  1. Download the Direct Cellars Connect APP from the Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Strive to meet 3 new people every day and add those new prospects to app
  3. Share videos through the app with people that might be interested in joining the club
  4. Follow up (That’s where the fortune is, right?!)
  5. Cultivate relationship
  6. Invite your prospect(s) to a wine social, DC opportunity call or 3-way call
  7. Be available to answer questions
  8. Invite new prospect(s) to join Direct Cellars as VIP Customer or Brand Partner
  9. Be a mentor and teach this to others
  10. Repeat

That’s all it takes. You can do this! Are you ready to get up, show up and grow your business?

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