Using Our App to Build for Events

Using Our App to Build for Events

Have you downloaded our prospecting app? It’s called Direct Cellars Connect. This tool is 100% free for our Brand Partners and you can download it now from the Apple Store or Google Play. It’s part of our proven system to use tools designed to help you duplicate your efforts, and we believe it’s our most effective tool yet!

By using our Direct Cellars Connect app, you can reach out to people more quickly and invite them to Wine Tastings or other DC events. The app includes several short videos to help you pique the interest of your prospects. You can view each video before sharing to familiarize yourself so you can answer any questions your prospects may have.

So, how do you share videos through the app? First, you’ll click on the “Share” button. This is where you’ll find our video library. Simply select a video you want to send then click “next”. We’ve created simple pre-populated text messaging that will accompany the video, so you don’t need to worry about what to say. Just choose a contact within your phone and send it out – we recommend you contact 3 people a day. That’s doable, right?! Once your prospect has viewed the video, you’ll get a notification that they’ve watched it. Pretty cool, huh? Next, text them this question: “What interested you most about the video?”  No matter what their response is, send them another video… that way, your prospects will get an idea of what Direct Cellars is all about.

After they’ve watched the second video ask, “Are you ready to get started?”  They may be ready to join right now, so you can enroll them straight away. Or they may be ready to get on a 3-way call with you and your upline leader, coach or one of your teammates, so they can hear more about how Direct Cellars works and if it’s the right fit for them. The app is a great way to invite people to Wine Tastings, Regional Meetings, even Corporate Events!

Wine tastings are the perfect setting for new people to try and explore the wonderful world of wine. If they like what they’ve tasted, then it’s an ample opportunity to invite them to learn more about our VIP Customer program or if they’re looking for some extra income and have thought about a side hustle, we think ours is the most fun in today’s gig economy. If you’re going to have a side gig, don’t you think joining a wine club could be fun?!

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