Top 5 Highlights: Direct Cellars in Chicago

Top 5 Highlights: Direct Cellars in Chicago

In March and April, Direct Cellars hosted a promotion that earned eight Brand Partners a trip to the windy city for a weekend full of exploration and personal development!

Meeting the incentive trip winners in Chicago was an exciting time to say the least.  We started off with video testimonials, so everyone got an opportunity to tell their story & meet one another. Then we headed off for drinks & appetizers at Tavern on Rush.  Our CEO, Peter Sperling spared no expense as we were treated like royalty with VIP seating and a tremendous amount of appetizers.  Then, it was off to Morton’s Steakhouse for some of the most delicious steaks, lamb chops & desserts you’ll ever eat! 

After dinner, some of the team decided it wasn’t time to go back to the hotel yet, so they opted for a night on the town.  From what I heard, there was a lot of singing & dancing (if you can call it that) going on until 2:30 am.  All I can say is… what happens in Chicago; stays in Chicago. 

As if we didn’t have enough food the day before, Saturday we had lunch at a very well known & popular spot called The Purple Pig; most known for their cheese, swine & wine.  They absolutely do not take reservations but somehow our President, Kevin Raulston, convinced them we just HAD to eat here & needed reservations; they complied.  They even rolled out the red carpet for us with endless samplings of their most popular dishes including octopus, humongous turkey legs & Wagyu steak.  A must visit if you ever get a chance as the food was phenomenal & gave us the opportunity to try things we may never have.

National Sales Director, Vanessa Jackson trying octopus for the first time.

The weather was touch & go the whole week and we were told they haven’t had a solid Summer-type day this entire year. Our boat excursion was looking a little iffy.  Well, it appeared as if the heavens opened to allow us to get the most out of our trip because we had the most beautiful, sunny day for our boat excursion on Peter’s private boat, Vantage Point.  Wine flowed, music played, the skyline was perfect, and relationships were developed all by having fun in the sun. 

Direct Cellars Incentive Trip Winners with DC President Kevin Raulton & CEO Peter Sperling

One of the most interesting experiences we had was going through the Harbor Lock. This was designed to reverse the flow of the Chicago River and is one of two entrances from the Great Lakes to the Chicago Area Waterway System.   It allows for a water level difference of about 5 feet between the two bodies of water.

But, quite possibly the best part was when we were all gifted with Captain’s hats for the boat; representing that we are all captains of our own ship and as we work together as a team, we will all get to our destination a little faster.  Bon Voyage!

A great day for a boat ride along Lake Michigan!

Check out more photos from the Chicago Weekend Getaway on our Facebook page.

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