What’s happening in the Winery?

What’s happening in the Winery?

There used to be a slow time in the winery…

January, February and March were a time for tasting and contemplating. The wines from last year’s harvest are all barreled and aging. The winery and the winemaker was beginning to think about making blends and making plans for this year’s harvest (it’s barrel order time). Bottling decisions need to be made, but bottling was still a ways off. That has changed. These days, bottling season starts the end of January and just picks up steam until harvest arrives. That means lots of work needs to be done on the winery! Blending, filtration and finally, bottling.

By this point in a wine’s cellar life, 95% of the work has been done. Whatever blending might occur in the winery has been done, and just those last few tweaks are left. Maybe the wine needs a touch more acid or a little adjustment in the SO2. It is the last chance a winemaker will have to adjust the wine. Once the wine gets put in the bottle, there is no going back.

The second to last step for wine in the cellar is filtration.

There are those that believe filtration is unnecessary or that it takes something out of wine. I do not agree with this. Some amount of filtration is almost always necessary. The act of filtration improves a wine’s stability as well as enhancing the wine’s odds of aging more gracefully in the bottle. Sure, in a perfect situation, an unfiltered wine might be fantastic. The odds of this are very low, and the risk is too great.

Once the wines are filtered, and sometimes immediately after the wines get filtered, it is time to bottle. For this, we rely on cutting edge technology and big beautiful stainless steel machines that are automated and easy to clean. We want every advantage we can get to ensure the wine going into the bottle is the best it can be until it is time to enjoy it.

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