The Wine Whisperer’s Holiday Gifts and Goodies

The Wine Whisperer’s Holiday Gifts and Goodies

You may remember that I did a video a while back called “Wine Gifts and Goodies.” Well, here are some suggestions for gifts that you might consider for your wine loving friends and team members.

As we all know, the wine world is a very big place, and that means there’s a huge selection of gifts and gadgets for you to give the wine lovers in your life this season. From stocking stuffers to elaborate decanters and other accessories, from a bit silly (like furniture made from old wine barrels) to over the top (magnums of high-end Champagne), it’s not too difficult to discover wine-related gifts that are perfect for wine lovers from the starter to the sommelier.


Drop Stop Wine Pourers – Who doesn’t get a bit testy when poured wine dribbles down the side of the bottle? These simple foil disks keep that from happening and let you control the pour. Just roll one up and insert it into the neck of the bottle. A simple gift that only costs about $4.99.

There are other types of more permanent pourers, as well. A simple search on Amazon will show you tons of them.

Vacu-Vin Stoppers – Some people actually drink only one or two glasses out of a bottle. The problem then becomes how to preserve the freshness of the wine until it can be enjoyed again. The Vacu-Vin system (which we use at home) consists of rubber stoppers and a small hand-operated vacuum pump. Put the stopper in the bottle, pump out the air, and it stays fresh for days. About $10 at

Wine Glass CharmsHappens all the time… You have 10-12 people sipping and sampling and before long nobody knows which glass belongs to who. Solve the problem with wine charms that clip to the stem of the glass. They come in zillions of styles.

 Wine Aerators – These clever devices help aerate the wine as you pour and open up the flavor and aroma components. Our favorite is the Vinturi.

Wine First Aid KitSooner or later, you or someone you love is going to splash a bunch of Merlot on a shirt, blouse, tablecloth, somewhere. You need WineAway. This spray stain remover is very effective, and indispensable around our house. Keep it on hand for your wine socials.


Secrets of the Wine Whisperer – My first wine book has been purchased and enjoyed by many Direct Cellars members. A limited number of copies are available. Email me at to order yours for $25 including free shipping. Plus, you can specify exactly how you’d like it signed.

Ask the Wine Whisperer – My second book has just been published and can be ordered on my website at  It’s packed with great information about grape varietals, winegrowing regions, and winemakers.  Plus, there’s an extensive Q&A section.

Schott Zweisel Tritan Wine Glasses – This is our go-to glass for everyday sampling.  The Tritan series much less fragile than other glasses, a plus around our house. 

Wine Spectator Subscription – Why not sign your wine lover up for home delivery of America’s most influential consumer wine magazine?  Or, get a subscription to the online site, which offers tons of important information.  Since there are mobile apps, it’s easy to use when you’re standing in front of a shelf of wine and don’t know what to try.  Just log on and get the info.  About $50 at


The Rabbit Wine Cork Extractor – I’m not going to call this a corkscrew because it’s more like a piece of designer industrial equipment.  This design makes getting the cork out of the bottle as easy as clamping the device onto the neck, then raising and lowering the handle.  Elegant in its simplicity.  At JC Penney and for around $65.


The Coravin – Probablythe hottest accessory to hit the market in the last year, the Coravin consistsof a very fine hollow steel needle that you insert through the bottlecork.  Then, the device pressurizes thebottle and allows you to pour out a small sample without actually opening thebottle or compromising the cork.  Many high-endwine collectors and restaurants have adopted this system wholeheartedly.  You can, too…for about $300.  At

We hope you enjoy wonderful wines during your holiday celebrations.  Sample widely…and responsibly.

If you have any suggestions for our blogs or videos, or if you have questions about our wines or wine in general, please email me at  I’m always happy to help.

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