Stivale del Sole Bombino Bianco

Stivale del Sole Bombino Bianco

When I first received this wine with my monthly shipment, it was a real revelation for two reasons. First, because I’ve been working in the wine industry for over 20 years and had never heard of the grape, and second because it immediately became one of our favorite whites.

The name “Bombino” means “little bomb” in Italian, and that’s because the grapes are perfectly round and look like little bombs on the vine. The Italians can be very imaginative about their wines, and that’s a good thing. By the way, there’s a red version called, not surprisingly, Bombino Nero.

This wine is a specialty of the area right above the heel of Italy’s boot, just a bit inland from the Adriatic Sea. The climate is sunny and dry, with cooling effects coming in off the water. While most of the wines from this area are big reds, this delicate white is a very pleasant surprise.

The flavors and aromas are explosive…which is probably expected when the grape is a “little bomb.” The color is a rich yellow, unlike a Verdelho or Pinot Grigio so we can anticipate fuller flavor and body on the palate. The aromas hit you with big citrus sensations right away. Orange and lemon, mostly, with notes of white flowers, like honeysuckle and jasmine.

As it turns out upon slurping, the wine is a bit lighter on the palate than the color in the glass would indicate. Sometimes the stuff just fools you. Again, with the citrus notes and the brisk acidic structure, this is a wine you’ll want to pair with shellfish and seafood. A lemon herbed chicken would be a good bet as well.

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