Social Media Is Your Friend, Pinky Promise!

Social Media Is Your Friend, Pinky Promise!

More and more these day entrepreneurs are wanting to learn the ins and outs of building an online business via social media. Because we live in a highly digital age, everything we create for our members is available through some of our fantastic digital tools you gain access to once you’ve joined our wine club. Such as:

  • Your Back Office
  • Direct Cellars Connect App
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube (@DirectCellars) content to repurpose

So, here’s how we think you can leverage what we’ve created, coupled with a few of our favorite do’s and don’ts.

First, ask yourself, “Do I have a social media strategy or am I just posting the same stuff to every channel?”

We recommend you take some time to plan out your social media strategy.  Really think about how you can be thoughtful and intentional, creative and genuine, and at the same time always showing off your authentic self. This is inviting and attractive to others.

Leverage Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for content the DC marketing team has curated. Why recreate the wheel if you don’t have to? Use some of our creativity to tell your story.

Not sure which platform you should be on?

  • Twitter – What am I doing (now) / crisis communication – immediate, in the moment
  • Instagram – What have I done (recap) or Where am I now (travel /fun)
  • Facebook – Who am I (what do I believe in or support, what am I passionate about, groups, community, like-mindedness)

One of our Direct Cellars leaders suggested taking time out once a week to plan your posts for the entire week. It’s only 30 minutes to an hour out of your day but then you’re not scrambling to think of something later when life gets busy.

10 Do’s

  1. Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing.
  2. Always be authentically you!
  3. Use a photo of yourself for your profile pictures instead of your family, cat, dog, etc.
  4. Be respectful.
  5. Be patient.
  6. Be kind.
  7. Just breathe, take your time.
  8. Use the 80 / 20 rule – 80% of the time be sure to showcase who you are, what you’re passionate about, what you’re up to, a day in the real life.
  9. Then 20% of the time you can weave in what you’re doing with Direct Cellars. Such as, how you got started, why you stay, what you love about the club. You can include milestones like when you reach a new rank or when you attend a company event like the annual events we’ve had it Los Vegas, New York and New Orleans!
  10. Take the conversation offline – use private or direct messages to continue to foster and build the relationship.

A Few Don’ts

  1. Don’t be spammy.
  2. Don’t friend someone online and then hit them with the pitch right away.
  3. Don’t invite all their friends to join your group without asking. You don’t want people to feel like they are in a timeshare presentation trying to figure out the best path to escape!
  4. Don’t be vague, this is a relationship business even online, you must take time to get to know people and show them who you are.
  5. Don’t try to dupe people. It’s wine a club with amazing wines, no need to trick anyone!
  6. Don’t try to push your agenda down people’s throat… at the end of the day, it’s not for everyone.

Remember, people don’t go to Social Media to be sold, they’re online to be social. So have fun sharing your story about your life, your interests and your business. Afterall, that’s why you’re in this business, right? To live the life of your dreams? The more you post about your lifestyle and personal stories, the more your audience will grow to know, like, and most importantly trust you.

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