Rosé All Day – The Perfect Summer Sipper

Rosé All Day – The Perfect Summer Sipper

At Direct Cellars, we have an exciting new wine to introduce to the club…Rosé! 

In response to many member requests, we finally found a high-quality source for Rosés, and are delighted to add this elegant wine to our catalog of discoveries. 

Rosé wines are generally made in two ways.  The first is to simply add some red wine to a white, and that’s not an uncommon practice.  In fact, many big reds have a small amount of white blended in, generally to enhance aroma.  For example, Australian Shiraz often contains about 5% of Viognier, as do the Syrah wines from the Northern Rhone in France.

The more elegant (and expensive) way is to crush the red grapes, let the juice sit on the skins during fermentation until the desired pink color comes through, then drain the wine off.  This is how most Rosés are produced.  The longer the winemaker leaves the juice on the skins, the darker the color will become.  So, this particular wine can be found in a vast range of color, sweetness, and body.

Also, since the fermentation process is fairly short, Rosé wines are generally lower in alcohol, but do come in a wide range of flavors from dry to sweet.  And there are many flavor profiles, because Rosés can be made from any red grape.  Naturally, wines made from Pinot Noir will have lighter body and more delicate flavors than those made from, say, Grenache.

The other great thing about Rosé wine is that it’s a sensational Summer sipper, because of the light body and refreshing flavor profile. And one more advantage:  it goes with just about any kind of food.

Our latest discovery is the Lazy Lab Rosé, made from Barbera, a characteristic varietal in Northern Italy.  It offers pink strawberry, raspberry and perhaps a touch of plum on the back end.  We’re always searching for new types of wine and new varietals for our members to discover, so stay with us!

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