Prospecting Doesn’t Have to Be Scary – 7 Tips to Mastering the Ask

Prospecting Doesn’t Have to Be Scary – 7 Tips to Mastering the Ask

Prospecting is probably the biggest challenge people face when starting a new network marketing business and it probably starts with those negative voices in your head sounding something like this:

“I’m not a salesperson.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“What if they say no?”

“I can’t do this by myself.”

We’re here to tell you those doubts are all very natural, but that you can do this, and you don’t need to be a salesperson. At Direct Cellars, we’re a large community of wine enthusiasts who love discovering new wines from around the world each month. We’re friendly, we’re social and we’re fun! So, here are our 7 nuggets of advice to help you realize prospecting can be easier than you might think.

  1. Be you, be natural – First and foremost, we always invite people to come as they are because that’s what is great about our club; its diverse and we love inclusion. We welcome anyone that is passionate about wine, people and good times!
  2. Don’t be pushy or desperate – “No one likes to be sold.” You’ve probably heard this before and we think it’s pretty accurate. Facts tell, stories sell. Get good at telling your story; how you learned about DC, what you love about our club and why you’re excited to share it with others. When you’re relaxed and comfortable and speaking from your heart, people will feel comfortable and want to learn more.
  3. Remember, it’s not a sprint – Take your time. If you’re serious about building your business, you must remember that it’s going to take time. After all, anything worth having or doing well takes time. We find that people need to learn about, talk and evaluate things 6-7 times before making a decision. That’s why we created an APP (Direct Cellars Connect) for Brand Partners to use. There are 5 videos within it to share and pique interest. This helps you to start having the discussion. And with timely follow-up and getting to know your prospects, you’ll know when they’re ready and when to send them your enrollment link.
  4. Pro Tip: No one likes to be sold – Make sure you don’t lose sight of who they are as a person. Are you taking time to get to know your prospect? To discover who they are, what they’re passionate about or where they might be struggling? When we connect with people and get to know them and build trust, we not only make a friend but… maybe we make a business partner. Have conversations… Don’t just send texts that just read “following up,” that’s cold and impersonal. This is a relationship business.
  5. Listen – Let your prospect do some talking. Hear them, like really hear them. So many people listen only to respond, they don’t actually listen. Yet, most people are craving the need to connect and be heard. When you listen, you strengthen that relationship and when time allows, you’ll have your chance to share how Direct Cellars might be a solution to enriching their lives. Then… you can tell stories about your journey.  But for now, just take the time to discover their needs and focus on them.
  6. Showcase value – Direct Cellars is passionate about bringing you premium wines each month and giving you the best value for those varietals. Moreover, the marketing team has worked hard to put together printed pieces like brochures about joining the VIP Program or becoming a Brand Partner, new business cards, presentations and the list goes on and on. Your Back Office is full of tools to showcase the value of our club in so many different ways from the product you receive, to the price you pay, to the support and love you’ll get from our community! (Oh, and did we mention your get case order discounts as a Brand Partner and quarterly gifts as a VIP Customer?)
  7. Invite – Lastly, you must ask the question. So many people fail to actually do this out of fear. We’re here to tell you there’s nothing to be afraid of. Stop thinking so much about “What if they say no,” and started thinking about “What if they say yes!”

So, you’ve read our advice, now, are you ready to get started? Let’s do this together!

The journey begins here.

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