Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Live The Life Of Your Dreams

You’re One Decision Away From The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Life… some days feel like it’s passing by too quickly. Then other days you wish things would move faster but instead, you feel stuck in time. This is the ebb and flow of life and it’s completely natural. It’s also perfectly natural to want more for yourself, to change your mind and to make a decision that will take you down a different path. And, you don’t need permission to be proactive and do something about your so-called fate.

Now, there are a few things we can probably all agree on. The world in which we work is changing and it’s not only safe but smart to have a side hustle. Employment is never guaranteed and loyalty doesn’t always pay off. We’ve all accepted the phrase “sometimes things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you”. We accept what is and choose to move forward, because really what else can you do? We’ve all been part of a change that has caused us to get out of our comfort zone, to grow, and to reinvent. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Take a minute to reflect on your life. What are you ready to do differently? Are you ready to pursue what you really want out of your one life and act where you’ve been procrastinating? Are you ready to increase your daily exercise, be more present with your kids, spend more time with your loved ones, save more for a rainy day, or maybe even try meditation? All it takes is your ability to make one tiny decision. Big change starts with one small change, but you must DECIDE to take that leap of faith or DECIDE to take that small step out of your comfort zone.


The key word here is “active”. Do something, anything. Show the world you’re ready to move and watch how the world starts to respond. It’s like going to the gym for the first time, just getting out the door is the biggest hurdle. You’ve got this. Your dreams are waiting, winter is over, the time to move is now.  Start by making a plan and then follow through on each step.


There are no mistakes, only lessons. Keep your heart open and trust your instincts. You were given an intuition for a reason, it’s your internal compass so follow it. There’s a reason your car has a huge windshield and a tiny rearview mirror. Life is forward, let’s move ahead!

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