How to Host a Wine Social

How to Host a Wine Social

Hosting a wine social is an incredible way to share the good word about our amazing wine club and business opportunity.  Here’s a super simple breakdown to help you host a successful and fun wine social.

Supplies Needed:

Wine – Always have at least 2 different types of wine, preferably a red and a white.  Since you’re pouring tastes (1 oz. or so) and not full glasses, a bottle should be enough for 10 people to have about 2 tastes each. Don’t forget the corkscrew!

Cups – It’s best to use short, clear, plastic cups.  You’ll want everyone to have the option to get a fresh cup with every new type of wine they taste.  Using real glasses is unnecessary and impractical.  

Bites – Not only should you go light on the pours, but also on the food.  As simple as cheese and crackers is totally fine.  Remember, you’re not doing a food and wine pairing, so the snacks are just there to give the guests something to nibble on in between sips.

Water – It’s nice to offer guests a sip of water in between wines.

Tasting Notes – Always keep your “wine cheat sheets”, as I call them, when you get shipments.  You’ll want to have them at wine socials so that guests can read about the wines and get an idea of what comes in the box.

Sign-In Sheet – A printed or handwritten sign-in sheet with a spot for names, numbers and email addresses is crucial at a wine social.  You can follow up with everyone the next day to see who might want to join or even just look at more information about the club.

What To Do:

1.  Share your story and what you love about DC.  Keep it casual and brief.  You’re not doing a lengthy, formal presentation.  But you do want to clearly deliver information about yourself and the company before the wine starts flowing. 

2.  Start pouring.  It’s best to start with the lightest wine and work your way to the heaviest.  So that would mean that your whites will be first, and then reds.  Remember to keep the pours light at about 1 oz. or so. And man the wine at all times.  You should be doing the pouring, not the guests.

3.  Explain the 5 S’s of wine tasting – See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor.  And while I will always encourage you to be confident, you also want to make it clear that you are not a wine expert.  (Anyone can Google the 5 S’s!)  And if they join the business, they don’t have to be either. 

4.  Share the tasting notes cards.  Make sure the guests can look at and pick up the cards to learn more about the wines we offer.  This is another great time to remind someone that might be intimidated by the world of wine that they do not have to be a connoisseur, because we have these awesome “wine cheat sheets” to help us along the way.

5.  Socialize and answer questions.  Remember that you are not selling any actual wine.  You’re there to share some tastes and some information and help everyone enjoy themselves.  Take time to chat with people individually.  Building relationships is so important, whether each person ends up joining the wine club or not.  Ask them questions about their life.  And answer their questions briefly when the pop up.  When questions or conversations get too specific and detailed (comp plans, etc.), let them know you’d be happy to call or email them tomorrow to share even more information.  And remember to respect the fact that not every guest is on the same page.  Some might be intentionally seeking out an opportunity.  Some might know nothing about wine.  Some might be very knowledgeable about wine.  And some might just be there because their friend invited them.  That’s why it’s best to truly listen to each person to learn what level of value you can offer them with Direct Cellars.  

6.  Get that contact info.  Don’t forget to have the guests use the sign-in sheet.  “The Fortune is in the Follow Up” is a famous phrase for a reason.  

Technology is amazing and allows us to reach people anywhere, anytime in this business.  But there is something special and extra valuable about a wine social.  They are such a great tool to use in your business.  Not only do we have a product that most people absolutely love to enjoy any day of the week, making our wine socials desirable and fun.  But the fact that you are not selling the actual product means that there’s no pressure for guests to spend money on-the-spot.  This is not a salesy event.  So just relax, smile, and have fun sharing amazing wine and an amazing opportunity with new people. 

1. Serve a variety of potato chips instead of cheese and crackers.
2. Use an upcoming holiday as a theme, if you’d like to make it extra festive.
3. Take photos!  Pictures of you hosting a wine social are priceless.  But remember not to post photos of guests on social media without their permission.

4. Have some tunes on.  Some quiet background music will help loosen the mood. During a friendly convo, pull out your phone and ask if you can find them on social media so that y’all can follow each other.


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