Grand Caballeros Malbec Mendoza

Grand Caballeros Malbec Mendoza

Malbec…the wine that made Mendoza famous.

Happy World Malbec Day! How will you celebrate? I recommend pouring yourself a glass of DC’s Grand Caballeros Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina!

I’m pretty sure the French are not all that happy about the fact that Argentina has become so famous for Malbec.  The grape’s real home is an area in France called Cahors, which is inland, east and a bit south of Bordeaux.  It’s surrounded by other excellent, but little-known appellations like Bergerac, which has its own indigenous grapes. 

For centuries, Malbec was known as the “black wine,” because it has a very dense color.  In fact, it’s often called the world’s darkest wine, strong and richly concentrated, and able to age for years.  Ours is a bit lighter in style and can be enjoyed without waiting for a decade.  However, it can certainly benefit from an hour or so of decanting, or a quick pour through an aerator. 

Since Malbec is a very traditional Old-World varietal, you may not taste a lot of fruit right up front.  There will be more aromas of earth and flowers.  Then, you may smell violets, raspberry, and mixed red fruit.  Since it is a “big” wine, pair with savory meats, such as grilled steak with mushroom sauce.  One of our favorites is to rub the steak with herbs de Provence before charcoal broiling.

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