Communication is THE Key

Communication is THE Key

We live in a busy world, and with so much information coming our way it almost becomes information overload. So how do you simplify and stay connected without getting overwhelmed, especially when building a team and business?

Check out these quick tips to maximizing your time and tools!

First, we suggest carving out some time on your calendar to get organized. It’s not exactly the Marie Kundo technique but taking this time to get clean and clear will help you become a fierce and focused leader.

Identify Your Audience

Let’s start with identifying your audiences. Who do you need to reach and who do you want to follow? Whether your team is local or spread out across the globe, keeping in contact is critical.

Your business list may look something like this:

  1. My Upline Leaders
  2. My Company
  3. My Downline
  4. My Customers
  5. People that Inspire me

The first two groups keep you in the know. This way you’re always current and sharing the most up-to-date information with your team and customers. The last group on the list should keep your motivated so you can share inspiration with your tribe.

Direct Cellars uses the following for their company channels. Make sure you’re connected in all ways to leverage what already exists.

  • Direct Cellars private FB Groups – be sure to follow and join as a Brand Partner!
  • DC Connect Mobile App – check out the calendar to stay current with what’s happening
  • Text Messages – Opt-in via your Back Office so you never miss an important update
  • Emails – Opt-in via your Back Office so you never miss an important update
  • Zoom Calls – Don’t miss weekly trainings and opportunity calls, these are in place to help you succeed.

Ways to Communicate

There are all kinds of apps out there that you can use to keep in contact (unless your old-school, one-on-ones and phone calls are still quite effective), but if you can’t always meet in person there are plenty of new ways to keep in touch. These days you can support your team and foster growth no matter where you are! Technology makes it possible to communicate with each other easily, and not just over social media or through your phone.

FaceTime / WhatsApp / Skype / World Time Buddy

Email can be easily ignored with as much content that is hitting our inbox each day, and if your team can’t all meet in person either, try holding video chats or calls. These two ways are more personal and authentic! Taking time to connect this way is genuine. After all, you get to see each other and it allows you to ensure everyone has a clear picture of what’s going on or what needs to happen.


This is time between two people that is often uninterrupted and allows for honest, transparency and vulnerability. This is where you really can connect. Don’t get us wrong, team meetings are great, but each person on your team is building a business and they probably crave some individual attention, too.

Team Builders

Team work makes the dream work. No one was every successful alone, so foster your tribe with care because if you take care of the people, they’ll take care of the rest! Try hosting team builders or team retreats. Taking time periodically to come together and have a little fun eases the stress of the everyday grind and reminds us we are a part of something grand.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these, and you can determine how often to host them, but we promise people will notice and appreciate this effort.

Best Practices for Leaders

  1. Care – People want to know you care, so take time to check in and catch up. You never know what people are going through. When you reach out to someone on your team it’s like saying: Hey, I see you, I hear you, I care, and you matter to me.
  • Be available – Sometimes your personal life takes precedence over business and that is perfectly ok. But don’t be afraid to set business hours where you can answer calls or messages or get back to people. This lets people see consistency in how you conduct your business and shows them that they can depend on you.

  • Know who to work with & where to spend your time – Focus on team members who are self-starters because when you find strong leaders, you then have people you know you can count on.

So, if there’s anything you take away here, it’s that communication is THE thing most people and companies strive to get right. No one wants to be left out, people want to be involved, in the know and knowledgeable so they can share with others. When you understand this, the rest is simple.

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