Big Ripper Verdelho

Big Ripper Verdelho

This white grape is an ancient and traditional varietal in Portugal and Spain, but the Australians have taken to it, making it with their very own style. And they’re being tremendously successful. We sourced this wine from a selection of prime vineyards throughout the country.

It’s worth noting that the Australians have a different view of traditional winegrowing regions. For example, in Bordeaux and California, winemakers source grapes from specific areas. Winemakers in Bordeaux would kill themselves before blending in a wine from outside the region. A Napa Valley winery would NEVER think of blending in some wine from Washington State. But Australians source their grapes from wide areas, sometimes as much as 800 miles away from their winery locations.

Australians also like to be creative and a bit whimsical about how they name their wines. There are wines called Woop Woop, The Stump Jump, Two Left Feet, Enchanted Path, and a lot more. This is the Big Ripper.

It’s very true to type. As I tasted and evaluated it, I noted that in the glass it’s barely yellow…almost as clear as water. That, of course, is an indication of light body and refreshing acidity. The aromas hit you with apricot, peach, honey, and nuts, which is typical…and really lovely. There’s also a bit of citrus way in the back.

The acidity is surprisingly light. It’s not quite as “zippy” as the samples we’ve tried from Spain or Portugal. That makes it a bit “rounder” on the palate, and a bit more full-bodied (but not heavy) which is a nice change. You’ll want to pair this with shellfish and other types of seafood. In a way, Verdelho is in the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio family, but different in many ways, since it’s denser and more balanced.

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