5 Tips to Squashing That Nervous Inner Voice

5 Tips to Squashing That Nervous Inner Voice

I’ve always been a bubbly person. I’m someone who makes eye contact and says good morning, and while people tend to perceive me as confident, my confidence always escapes me the moment it’s time to introduce myself or share what I do.

When I began my network marketing career I was encouraged to start with my warm market. These were the people I knew; friends, family, neighbors, doctors, dentists, the mailman, people I encounter regularly at the dry cleaner, grocery store or gym (you get the idea). However, I learned very quickly that whenever I began to share my enthusiasm, I got the side eye… you know the look: skepticism. And, I’m not proud to admit it but it was so disheartening. I felt like a wilting flower every time I was rejected. I even thought, maybe this isn’t for me because I just hated the NO’s. That small voice inside my head said all kinds of things that made me question myself.

Then I bumped into a fellow network marketer and told her a little bit about the trepidation I experienced every time I begin to share my excitement around my new business. She listened and understood but then she asked me, “What if the person who signed you up had chickened out?” Wow, I had never considered that. She told me not to take the NO’s personally and that most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with you and more to do with money or the lack thereof. She suggested I practice on strangers, after all what did I have to lose with a total stranger? Nothing. So, I took her advice.

I found when approaching new people, I felt more confident… there was less risk and far less judgement. Here, I found my courage. My uneasy, nervous inner voice started to take a back seat and instead I was hearing Yes, I. CAN. DO. THIS.

And, so can you! So, let me encourage you to ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

  1. What do I have to lose? Nothing. You have absolutely nothing to lose. At the end of the day, you will still have your faith, family, and DC community. 
  2. What do I have to gain? New connections that may just become important friends. You might not always recruit a new member but you will always have a chance to make a new friend.
  3. What do I have to give? Well first off, free samples of wine! And who doesn’t love wine? Not only that, but you’ll get to offer people a chance to learn about the world of wine, it ’s so much fun! Moreover, you have a life changing opportunity to offer if they are interested, and of course amazing customer service.

Ok, when I frame it like that it’s not so scary, right? Here’s the thing about wine, it’s not a product that everyone needs, but it’s a product that 80% of households enjoy. Wine is something you can give or stock up on. Wine is nice to have around for those moments to celebrate or unwind with a loved one or just a few good friends.  

I’m beginning to really understand that when people say NO it’s not personal. They are not saying NO to me, they’re not rejecting me, and they may not even be saying NO at all. They may just be saying, “Not right now,” “I need more information,” or maybe they need more time to feel things out. Whatever the reason, definitely don’t take it personally.  

Remember why you got started, why you joined Direct Cellars, why you stay with the club and let those answers help you stay grounded. It’s good to take a moment periodically and check in with yourself to make sure what’s driving you is not a fear of losing something or not measuring up. You never want to lead your business this way. Stay rooted in good intentions, not trying to meet a two-contact a day quota, that’s not why you joined.

Preparation is another factor to quieting the small, negative voice. I find that whenever I’m prepared those nervous butterflies just fly right away!

Here are my 5 tips to squashing those nerves.

  1. Mindset – Stay positive and make time for personal development, even just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference
  2. Tools – Use our app (Direct Cellars Connect) to share videos and manage prospects
  3. Business materials – Always have plenty of contact cards and prospecting brochures on hand
  4. Leverage upline leaders – They’re using a proven system, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and they’re available to help when asked
  5. Stay Connected – Participate in our Saturday training calls, bring prospects to the Monday night opportunity calls and read the newsblast to stay current on the latest promos, events, and more

Trust me when I say, if I can do this you can, too! Life can be complicated, wine doesn’t have to be. This business was meant to be fun! I wish you so much success.

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