11 Tips To Closing Like A Pro

11 Tips To Closing Like A Pro

You’ve started a new business, you’re excited and hungry and you want other people to join you however, you don’t consider yourself a sales person. So, what do you do? Here are 11 tips to help you seal the deal like a pro.  

1. Be confident, be you – Let’s start with you. You might be overly nervous or scared because this is probably totally new to you, but just like anything else in life you, can learn this. You can master closing. It’s all in your mindset. Like a toddler learning to walk, “NO” just isn’t an option. So, keep getting up, keep pushing forward and remember to keep laughing along the way.

2. Act like a leader – Fake it until you make it. Now, we’re not saying be fake, because when you’re acting like yourself, you’re being genuine and things like transparency, honesty, and integrity are the currency of our business economy today. But maybe you’re not feeling like an expert yet, and that’s where we’d encourage you to have a vision for yourself. (If vision boards are your thing, do that!) Just remember to hold your head high, set obtainable goals, make an action plan and get to work. Leaders know the way… Go the way… Show the way. You’ve got this!

3. Don’t verbal vomitFacts tell, stories sell. Get good at sharing your story and just being you. No one likes to be sold, so just be your genuine self. More people than you think may relate to your story, and those that don’t, well… they aren’t meant for your tribe.

4. Build relationships – Direct Cellars is a relationship business and you want to make your prospects feel important. You may have heard the quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” So, you might be wondering why a total stranger would embark on a business journey with you? If we’re being honest, most likely they won’t. Our ability to connect with people and build relationships is all about how we’re able to relate, to find those common threads that make us say inside “yeah, me too!” So, remember this business is a two-way street and really get to know the people you’re talking to, find out who they are, what they’re passionate about, what they’re looking for and even what scares them. This process takes time, but it’s well worth it because even if you lose a sale you gain a friend. Getting rich quickly is unlikely, but, with time, you could not only be rich in your social circles but also wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

5. Pay attention to body language – People will give you clues. Pay attention to facial expressions and body language. Are their arms crossed? Do they look impatient or are they open, warm, welcoming and agreeing to what you are saying? Take time to notice. Success leaves clues.

6. Don’t complain – We all do it, but it’s a total waste of time. Think of all the things you could be accomplishing instead. Onward, let’s go!

7. Stay passionate and positive – Attitude is everything these days. It’s going to be hard. In fact, some days you may want to quit. But a strong, resilient attitude is the key ingredient to success in any field. So, protect your mindset and surround yourself with like-minded people who are going in the same direction you are! People are attracted to high energy, positivity!

8. Paint a picture people can relate to – Whenever you’re talking about your DC business, showcase a day in the life and help your prospects see what this opportunity could be like for them. Imagine… Being your own boss, waking up whenever your eyes open, traveling more, spending more time with family, an extra $500 a month, this is a pretty picture if you ask us!

9. Use the system – We created an extremely easy system in which you can share videos to get the conversation going about DC. It’s called Direct Cellars Connect and you can download it for FREE today in the Google Play or Apple store.

10. Invite – By using Direct Cellars Connect, you can invite others to learn more about our wine club offerings and find out what they’re looking for. Fortune favors the bold – Ask for the join but don’t pre-judge. People will often surprise you. Expect “yes” but don’t take “no” personally. “No” often means “not right now.” The fortune is in the follow-up and again, this is a relationship business so continue getting to know them, and with time, they may start exploring the world of wine with you each month.

11. Build a Team – If you’re serious about building a team, be selective. Align with people who share your values and spend time with those who deserve it, not demand it. Building a team is rewarding but can be challenging. Be prepared to answer questions and be a mentor. You can design the life you want with Direct Cellars, it just takes a little time, focus, commitment, and resilience.

Now get out there, meet some people, make some mistakes but most importantly, have fun and remember to turn your doubts into determination. Because with these 11 simple tips, you could be living the life of your dreams this year.

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