Vina Vandalos White Blend Castilla, Spain

Vina Vandalos White Blend Castilla, Spain

In Spain, “Castilla” is the name for the very central region of the country, around Madrid. In the last decade or so, new winegrowing areas have emerged in Castilla, and their quality and creativity are challenging the more traditional regions.

You want to serve this wine well chilled. It’s pale straw yellow in the glass, but a bit darker and richer-looking than a Pinot Grigio. The color hints that the wine will have a bit more body, and perhaps richer flavors. When you swirl and sniff, you’ll sense lemon and other citrus flavors, along with juicy melon and hints of lemon peel.

Remember that when you sip, you want to “slurp” the wine a bit to further aerate it and chew it around in your mouth so it contacts all the taste receptors on your tongue. There is plenty of zippy acidities, which makes for a lot of refreshment, along with the lemon notes that follow through from the aromas. Grapefruit flavors will emerge, and perhaps some grassiness, which is fairly typical.
When you swallow, pay attention to how long the flavors linger in the back of your mouth. The longer the finish, the better the wine. All the way on the back of the tongue, you’ll feel that same fresh quality from the balanced acidity. This is exactly the kind of wine you’d want to serve with shellfish since it’s the same flavor “family” as a Sauvignon Blanc. Also consider other kinds of seafood, like a white flaky fish, baked with a simple butter sauce.

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