Viña Vandalos Red Blend Spain 2017

Viña Vandalos Red Blend Spain 2017

Winemakers create blends for many reasons. This example is a crafted mix of several of Spain’s most characteristic grapes, carefully blended in proportions that give it exceptional complexity, excellent balance, and mouthfilling flavors.

Almost all of Spain’s red grapes make rich, dense wines — there’s nothing delicate about them. Just one look at this wine in the glass will show you a dark ruby color that’s nearly opaque, which promises bold flavors and a dense tasting experience on the palate.

Take a sip and “chew” it a bit in your mouth to release the flavors of plum and deep red apple. The non-fruit flavors emerge right away: plum, vanilla, and perhaps a touch of tobacco. Way in the back, you might sense a hint of black pepper. We’re especially pleased with this wine’s smooth finish and excellent balance among all the flavor components. Enjoy it with steaks, ribs, and poultry on the barbecue.

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