Lazy Lab Cabernet Sauvignon Horse Heaven Hills Washington 2017

Lazy Lab Cabernet Sauvignon Horse Heaven Hills Washington 2017

Here’s a big, bold Cabernet that will complement a wide variety of flavorful foods…but more about that later.

The reputation and quality of Washington State wines have really soared in the last ten or so years…and for good reason. The winegrowing regions in the south and southeast of the state are very dry, so the grapes have to “struggle” to ripen. Although it doesn’t sound like it, this is a good thing. When the vines work hard to grow, the juice becomes more concentrated and flavorful.

Major producers are crafting excellent wines from Horse Heaven Hills, as well as several other appellations in that part of the state. There’s Rattlesnake Hills, the Wahluke Slope, and Walla Walla – the place so nice they named it twice.

Our offering is very “true to type,” which means it offers all the flavors and aromas we expect from a great Cabernet. The color is almost black in the glass, so we anticipate a dense, full mouthfeel and concentrated flavors. You’ll enjoy the dense, concentrated flavors of black fruit (especially plum) along with jammy blackberry. Our friends describe this wine as “chewy.” Try it with any type of grilled meat.

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