Is There A Real Lazy Lab?

Is There A Real Lazy Lab?

Andy Raulston, the inspiration behind the Direct Cellars Lazy Lab brand.

Once upon a time, DC President Kevin Raulston and his wife, Ann had a black Labrador named Andy.  As we all know, Labs are very affectionate, bouncy dogs, right at your side every minute always wanting affection and attention.  They’re all over the place.

Not Andy.  He preferred to stretch out under the coffee table in front of the sofa, and you could hear him snore all the way into the upstairs bedroom.  When it was time to go outside for a walk, he would heave himself to his feet and saunter to the back door.  He never walked, never ran.  He strolled.

So when the folks in Kansas City were sitting around creating names for our exclusive private Direct Cellars wine brands, Andy was an inspiration.  Though he is no longer with us, his memory lives on through this popular label. And as it turns out, our Lazy Lab wine selection has become a big favorite with our members.  More about those in a minute.

My wife Debi and I have visited a lot of wineries all over the world, and all of them have dogs.  It seems to be a thing.  No winemaker has a Shih-Tzu or Pomeranian, either.  They have BIG dogs… Labs, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhounds, like that.  In fact, there are souvenir books (like the one pictured here) you can buy all over California wine country.

So, big dogs are a major part of the wine world and Lazy Lab has become a very big part of our brand lineup.

Lazy Lab Zinfandel – We selected this wine for its sweet fruit aromas and bold structure.  Zinfandel in general is a big, fruit-forward wine, though ours is a bit more reserved…and very easy to enjoy.  You’ll find flavors of baked raspberry and blackberry.

Lazy Lab Chenin Blanc – This particular varietal can be made with a wide range of flavors, depending on the winemaking style.  Our exclusive brand is a drier version, offering flavors of pear, apple, and perhaps a little bit of peach. 

Lazy Lab Cabernet Sauvignon — Dense, concentrated flavors of black fruit (especially plum) along with jammy blackberry.  Our friends describe this wine as “chewy.”  Try it with any type of grilled meat.

Lazy Lab Chardonnay – Who doesn’t like Chardonnay?  It’s the world’s favorite white wine, because it’s made with so many different flavor profiles.  Ours gives you concentrated flavors of apricot jam and peach preserves.  It’s smooth and round on the palate, and very nicely balanced.

Lazy Lab Bourbon Barrel Red – The hottest new trend in winemaking… and DC is all over it. Most red wines are aged in traditional oak barrels. But today, adventurous winemakers are putting their bold reds into barrels that were used for making bourbon whisky for two or three months. It’s called “cross-aging” and the result is a whole new world of flavors and textures! 

Lazy Lab Secret Blend – Can’t let the cat out of the bag (or the wine out of the bottle) just yet but watch for breaking news this summer!

Stella Raulston

As you can tell, Direct Cellars has become the “big dog” in the wine world… and in the MLM world.  We’d love to see pictures of your Lazy Lab (the wine or your dog!) on social media. Just use the hashtag #DCLazyLab on Instagram and tag @DirectCellars.

If there’s anything I can do to help, or any wine questions I can answer, email me at  Here’s to you!

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