Big Ripper Red Blend 2018

Big Ripper Red Blend 2018

This is a great starter wine for anyone who’s new to the wine world.  It offers big, bold flavors and aromas, so it’s easy to understand.  This is what we call a “fruit-forward” wine…the flavors are right up front where everyone can savor and understand them.

In fact, we seek out wines from Australia on purpose, because one, they do provide bold easily-recognizable flavors and two, they’ve become big favorites with our members.  And we do aim to please!  You want generous flavors, intriguing aromas and a nice long finish?  Here they are.

First, we always look at the color which in this case is a very brilliant ruby, which indicates that the wine will be very fresh and young.  While you’ll immediately savor the rich red fruit flavors, you’ll also start to notice what we call “old world” character – hints of anise, leather, and tobacco.  This wine coats the palate with generous fruit flavors that have a subtle, succulent baked character that is quite pleasing…and persistent.

Big wines need to be paired with big food, so try this with a hearty beef stew, grilled steak, or herbed pork recipe.  And don’t forget to invite your friends… because we think the best wine is wine that’s shared!

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